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Awesome reviews of Heyday Footwear Hightop Bodybuilding shoes by verified buyers
Based on 207 reviews
Another beauty of a shoe

Absolutely love love my new heydays. Third pair and I am never disappointed. Stylish, are so comfy they are like walking on clouds and are original. !!!

5 star

Military Green Prime Trainer Bodybuilding Sneaker

Olive Heyday Seal unisex short sleeve t-shirt
Orlando Garcia O.G. Orlando G.
Recivecing order

Shirts are great quality and fit great. No doubt I would obtain a few more to wear outside the gym and while training.

Sooo comfy

So these are just like my other heydays so comfy feel like I'm lifting on clouds but somehow so stable and can feel the floor... would've give 5 stars but came with loose threads and stitching..... weird but oh well

5 star

Super Shift White/Black Hightop Bodybuilding Sneaker

Woodland Camo/Black Leggings
ZsaZsa Lewis Z.L. ZsaZsa L.
Not that great for thick thighs

They Turn white when to tight you have to be super skinny to enjoy these!

Vlad the Impaler wore these!

I have previous owned a pair of heyday shoes (storm troopers) and have always wanted a new pair that most likely I will never see on someone I know. These shoes are gym killers in the same way, but boy does the design really give it some GRIT and blood to it. Would buy another pair again and love the service!

I WISH!!!!

I wish i knew about these, cause they are everything! And definitely my favorite colorway thus far! If only there was a size 11 are all super lucky if you got a pair!

Thank you Greg!

Looking forward to cardio days now :)

5 star

Mutant Special Edition Super Freak Training Sneaker

OMG I'm in love!!

Purchased my first pair of HeyDay shoes and all I can say is OMG!!! I already have my second pair enroute and can honestly say it won't stop there. My Super Freak shoes are so comfortable and stylish that I feel I need to push myself harder each time I'm in the gym!! Now that's motivation for me ❤️

Thank you Andrea! ❤️
Love these!!!

These shoes are great for deadlifts, cardio, any form of weights, and just wearing them leisurely.

Thank you!
I don't know

I don't know what happened but I haven't received my order and the tracking number doesn't work.

This has never happened before.

Felix Your shoes were shipped and were looking into why they're not showing up in the tracking. I'll be in touch as soon as I have an answer. Thank you, Darin
Best Shoes I Have Ever Owned

I have owned and worn my Super Shifts for over a year now, and I will say without a trace of hesitation that they are the slickest, most coveted shoes I have ever had the pleasure of stepping into. In the gym, on the street--it is unbelievable how many people notice them everywhere I go. Each and every step is like a full-on massage due to how soft and cushioned they are on the inside. These Charcoal Anacondas are the sixth pair I have purchased, and they absolutely will not be the last. What's more, the CEO of Heyday will make it his personal mission to make sure your experience is an amazing one, just as he has invested over 10 years of his life building a solid product into a superior brand. It is borderline criminal how much I love these shoes. Buy with confidence and without hesitation.

Thank you Aaron, it means so much to me to know you're happy with your shoes, and the brand. I will always do my best to make you and every customer live in their heyday!
True Blue Fan

What can I say? Blue is my favorite color and had to order these when I saw them! Super Freaks are so comfortable... burpee and box jump approved

Supah Cute

My pink Super Freaks survived their first wod today!! I'm not typically a pink kind of girl but the color is even better than expected! And supah comfy as usual

Thank you Amy!
Woodland Camo/Black Leggings
Jenn S J.S. Jenn S.
Cute but...

I typically wear a small in workout leggings from Nike and other brands, so I ordered a small and they fit perfectly. Love the material and the design. Super cute. Only thing I don't like is that they have like a white undertone, so the black side almost looks grey when you have it on and it stretches out. Still cute though - can't wait to wear them.

Thank you Jenn!
Great shoe

Not only do they look good, they feel good!!

Super Freak

Heydayfootwear is the best fitness shoe out right now PERIOD! The firs thing that caught my eye was the looks and design of the shoe. It was different, stylish and it caught my eye without even blinking twice. I love things that standout and heydayfootwear lineup of awesome fitness shoes are just that and more. I've had my share of different fitness shoes and I can say without hesitation they do not compare. You can list any other shoe company that claim to be the best gym shoe and I can give you a reason why heydayfootwear is better. I'm not paid to write this review. I am loyal customer who love their products and would encourage anyone to buy heydayfootwear. Stop wasting your time, money and effort in the gym with these other fitness shoes and get into some heydays today!! I promise you will not be disappointed!

You rock Calvin!!
5 star

Super Freak Premium Blue Hightop Cardio Sneaker

Tha SHizNit!

These are the right dose of quality materials to hold up for the heavy calf raises, which destroy any other shoe I've had. These will fulfill anyone that wants those peeks at the gym:) These are DOPE as HELL on style points! Storm Troopers, self explanatory! The tongues just feel like your wearing luxury slippers when even jogging....simply a treat to wear around the gymnasio.

Thank you Phillip
Charcoal Anaconda High Top Shoes for Bodybuilding
Jonathan A Culliton J.A.C. Jonathan A C.
new favorites

I have several pairs of Heydays, but these may be my favorite. Best pair for gym to date night for me- helps not to have to carry two pairs of shoes. These are slick as hell, you will not regret the buy, especially at this price.

Thank you!
Great shoes

Love em, super comfortable, ultra stylish. They don't breath as well as I had hoped, so my feet are really sweaty post work out. An interior fabric that breaths a bit more and helps whisk sweat away might help. Will still be ordering another pair though!

Thanks Topher!
Grey Camo are the Truth.

One of My pre orders came.
Trust and Believe Heyday Footwear are best are the best out there.

# ThisisPair#4,moretocome

Thank you Alfie!
Awesome shoe

Well got these bad boys and let me tell you they are the best my leg day was great I love these shoes will be getting more

Thank you Lou!
Blue Flat Bill Snapback Cap
jorge daniel D'oleo baez j.d.D.b. jorge daniel D'oleo b.
5 star

Blue Flat Bill Snapback Cap

Green Monstahs!!

I have a pair of super shifts in an 8.5 which left me no room to play.. I got the green anaconda in 9 5 and was definitely pleased! (I'm normally a womens 9!) Love the color and style. Got a few compliments aaaand some goofy remarks from the guys that were jealous :)

Thank you Amy!
Red Flat Bill Snapback Cap
Kelsey Peterson K.P. Kelsey P.

I love everything heyday. I've been waiting for them to bring back the flat bill SnapBacks. The first one I got 4 years ago is still my favorite hat and people know me by it because I wear it so much

Thank you for being such a long standing customer Kelsey!
Ultramarine Blue/ Lime High Top Bodybuilding Sneaker
Maddi Scott M.S. Maddi S.
5 star

Ultramarine Blue/ Lime High Top Bodybuilding Sneaker

Black Tactical Trainer Bodybuilding Shoes
Wes Janiszewski W.J. Wes J.
Great lifting shoes

Bought these because I've heard nothing but good things about this company and was in need of some good lifting shoes. I ended up spending about 150 something dollars total and I can say so far it's definitely worth it. They look awesome! can't wait to buy more!

Thank you Wes!!!
5 star

love the boots , my wife is going to order a pair for herself very happy with the purchase the hype is real!!!!!

Thank you Bruce #itsnothype LOL
Black Tactical Trainer Bodybuilding Shoes
Katie Lotsberg K.L. Katie L.
O M G.

Coolest shoes I have ever owned hands down. Also very comfortable and lighter than I expected. Can't wait to test these babies out!

Thank you Katie!
5 star

Desert Camouflage/Tan Tactical Trainer Bodybuilding Sneaker

Thank you Kyle!
Love these boots

Had problems at first, and contacted Darin and got an immediate response personally from him. The boots arrived in a matter of days. Needless to say, he was very nice and customer service is second to none. These boots are terrific. I started wearing them immediately for a workout, and it was like wearing a second skin they were so comfortable, and the support and fit was fantastic. I recommend this company and their line of workout items. Pleasure doing business with them. Thank you, Darin!

Thank you William
Love these!

It's been a while since I've gotten a new pair of heydays but I couldn't resist new snakeskin in such a nice color - these go so well with all my denim stuff. These are super comfy, cute, and fun to wear. And, most importantly, they're super supportive - I have hypermobile joint disorder, so anything that successfully stabilizes my ankles so I can romp around without them giving out is just amazing! (and that's pretty much just my heyday sneakers, which explains the closet full of them lol)

Thank you!
Purple/Black Super Shift Gym Sneaker
Alesha Barnes A.B. Alesha B.
An all in one shoe: comfort, style, function

The flat sole is perfect for heavy lift days. The toe box is nice and wide unlike my previous lifting shoes. Functionality is A+! But even with that, these are comfortable enough to wear on the daily at the gym - whether I am doing accessory work or some mobility. I've even strolled on the treadmill as a warm-up in them! And the style is like no other - I have the purple and black and they turn heads! I've gotten my first pair of Super Shifts and I'm hooked! I'll definitely buy a few more colors to rotate through.

Thank you so much Alesha!
Everything I hoped for

My new shoes were perfect. From being packaged so nicely and arriving promptly to the first time I tried them on. They fit great and feel wonderful while I'm lifting. I definitely feel the support! Ordering them was a great choice.

Thank you!
Camouflage Tactical

These shoes are official like referee whistle, Certified "crack" in the gym, and "Dope" on the street...

Thank you Abdul!
These shoes are the truth!!!

Im on my 3rd pair of these awesome shoes,
And I have 2 on pre order, this is tell you how much I love wearing them.


Thank you Alfie!
Heyday Addict

Do yourself a favor and purchase these incredible shoes.

I'm a Big fan

Thank you Alfie!
Most complete company from products to customer service

Darin is honestly a genuine person. You're not dealing with a computer or a representative. With Heyday footwear you deal with the shipper, sales rep, owner, customer service, and HR. Because its all one person. I placed a Order a week ago and anxiously waited for the shoes to arrive. When they came there was a slight miscommunication error between placing the order and fulfilling. Darin, immediately handled the situation with a phone call and text to my cellphone offering a resolution. He has made a customer out of me for sure! Thanks bro!

Thank you so much Vartan!
Bought my first pair

This was my first pair of Heyday shoes, and I couldn't be happier. I love that they have a flat bottom which is especially helpful on leg days, however I feel plenty of support which is really nice because I have high arches. This may have been my first pair, but it's most definitely not my last. I can't wait to get my next pair.

Thank you Scott!!
Camouflage Tactical Boots for Bodybuilding
marcus walton m.w. marcus w.
Wrong color received

Received black tactical trainer when I ordered the camo, tried them on to see if the fit was right so I could return for the proper order, felt and looked so good color no longer mattered , extremely happy with my purchase, next up, desert ones! #itsnohyoe

Thank you Marcus!
Amazing Shoe

I'm very impressed with these shoes, look the style, the comfortability.

I will definitely be a returning customer

Thank you Alfie!
Best shoe I've owned..lifting or otherwise

For lifting, switched to this from my Chuck's like going from a moped to a Harley. Most comfortable shoe I have owned, no give on the sole, flat, well padded sides. Held off on a review for 6 weeks to make sure they 'held up'. No durability issues.

Thank you soooooo much!!
5 star

Desert Camouflage/Tan Tactical Trainer Bodybuilding Sneaker


officially addicted to heyday footwear, these are so comfortable and clean!

Thank you!
Olive/Black Super Freak High Top Sneaker For Cardio
Maria Krause M.K. Maria K.
My new favorites!

3rd pair of Heyday shoes, used them for cardio and lifting today.

Thanks !!!
Heyday takes the Cake

Best gym shoes I've owned to date. Tried both Nike and Adidas lifting shoes and these super freaks take both in comfort, stability, weight and oh u can do your cardio with ease Heyday EVERYDAY

Thank you Daniel!
Super Light Super Tight

The lightest shoes ever to do cardio in. Burpee approved .

Thank you Candy!

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