What does your Gym Apparel say about You?

What does your Gym Apparel say about You?

How you present yourself at the gym says a lot about who you are. From the hat you wear, to the sayings on your shirts to the Heydays on your feet; what you display shows who you are and how you approach the training sessions ahead. Ever wonder what the message is that you’re putting out there to the rest of the gym goers around you? Check out the following common gym looks to see where your apparel fits and what it says about you.

*editor’s note: this is for entertainment purposes only

Baggy Sweats

If your go to outfit for the gym is the baggiest hoodie you can find coupled with pants that resemble a parachute, then you are either self-conscious of your current physique or you are hiding something great from your competitors. You may also just like the freedom of movement that baggy clothes allow or you’ve just lost a bunch of weight and haven’t purchased a new wardrobe yet. It could also just be that you like wearing baggy clothes and that in itself is good enough for me.

Tighter than Tight

So you like to show off do ya? Well, I guess I can’t blame you. If you’ve worked long and hard to attain a physique that most could only imagine possessing, then why not show it off. If you feel the need to wear clothes that hug every single curve and crevice and tuck nicely into all of your muscular insertions, then you are with supreme confidence. If you lack musculature yet still wear extra medium shirts, then you are beyond extreme confidence and possess a sense of self-contentment that we all wish we had.

The 90’s

Zubaz pants, cut up sweaters, work boots and a pair of sunglasses topped off with a fanny pack is everything a bodybuilder ever wanted to look like in the 90’s. Believe it or not, some are still stuck in this time warp and resemble something straight out of the pages of Flex from 1995. If this sounds like you or someone you know, let them be. The 90’s is the greatest era in bodybuilding history so let them live in their own type of Heyday.


Getting sponsored by a company within the fitness and bodybuilding industry is the ultimate goal for almost everyone with any type of desire to make their way through this crazy world. If you are lucky enough to snag a sponsor, you better show your gratitude by plastering your body with every single article of clothing your sponsor sends you. Hats, t-shrits, sweaters, wrist bands and maybe even a sticker or two. Wear the gear and wear it proudly. The people lucky enough to get sponsored should never be looked down upon for advertising for their respective company. It comes with the territory and all it should tell anyone else is that they are being respectful and showing support for someone who has decided to show support for them.


The last look you may see in your gym is that of those who do their best to stay current with the clothing trends happening in the industry. Training apparel such as the items found on the Heyday Website coupled with a sweet pair of bodybuilding shoes like the Prime Trainers is exactly what you should be striving to wear if you want to be current. Those who like to stay current just like to stay as fresh as possible and use it to their advantage; when you look good you feel good and when you feel good you train hard.

What you decide to wear is completely up to you and what someone else thinks of your look or says about what you are wearing is irrelevant. Go with what makes you happy and if it keeps you in your Heyday, I say why not!

Author: Dana Bushell

AST Sports Science sponsored athlete/writer, sponsored by Schiek Sports Inc.

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