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What Are The Best Weight Lifting Shoes for Squats & Deadlifts?

What Are The Best Weight Lifting Shoes for Squats & Deadlifts?

Weight lifting is a cheap sport. You usually don’t need gym accessories like bar pads, gloves, straps or expensive clothing. Once you got your Power Rack, bar & weights, you’re ready to go. But there’s 1 important gym equipment accessory that people tend to overlook. Shoes. This post will teach you everything about which shoes you should wear and NOT wear for weight lifting, and why.

Wrong Shoes: Running Shoes. The air & gel filling is great for reducing impact shock from running. But bad for lifting. Running shoes will limit your strength & prevent good lifting technique. Unstable. Soles are squishy so you can’t predict their behavior on each rep. This makes it harder to control your technique and lift properly. Power Loss. The soles absorb the force generated against the floor instead of directing it towards moving the weight. You lose strength. Dangerous. Higher risk of injury, especially with heavier weights, since the soles make it hard to balance yourself and are less stable.

Benefits of Good Lifting Shoes. Good lifting shoes have incompressible soles. They must be non slippery, have excellent support and fit snug. Benefits: More Stability. Better traction against the floor and improved balance under the bar because the soles are hard. More Strength. Your heels will sense the pressure of the weight better, which will make your legs contract harder. Better Technique. Good lifting shoes will fix many technique issues. You’ll sit back better, your heels will stop coming off the floor, … More Safety. Better balance, better technique, … All of it decreases the risks of injury during lifting. 

Best Shoes for Squats. Depends on how you Squat. But the sole should always be incompressible for maximal stability, power transfer & technique.

Low Bar Squats. More leaning forward, less depth. Heyday Footwear Super Shift gym sneakers are the best shoes for Low Bar Squats. Recommended by Helle Trevino.

Olympic & Front Squats. Torso is more upright, more depth. Shoes with heels make it easier to go deep. Examples: Heyday Footwear Prime Trainer and Super Trainer feature a 10mm elevated heel.

Heyday Footwear Super Shift gym sneakers have thin, flat & incompressible sole. Your feet are close to the floor. You’ll feel your feet better during lifts: more stability & control. The design of the sneaker allows you to push your feet to the outside on Squats which helps keeping your knees out and activating your glutes. 

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