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Why do I love Heyday Footwear? 

Well, first and foremost, Heyday sneakers are the most comfortable and supportive things I've ever worn, and they're the only reason I can even walk well enough to leave the house some days. I'm typically in a significant amount of pain, but with my heyday sneakers I can still run around even on the bad days. The ankle support makes all the difference, and the cardio soles have just the right amount of cushion so I don't destroy my legs when I run anymore. Used to be I could just barely limp along on the bad days and couldn't really do much of anything. These days? I can still romp around the woods or spend all night at the club,  no matter how bad my joints are, as long as I have my heydays on.

Not to mention that they really are just impressively high quality, durable shoes. I've had my oldest pairs for years now and I wear them absolutely everywhere - conventions,  fairs, dancing, running through the woods - and none of them have fallen apart yet. Can't say that of any other shoes I've had.

And as far as why I have 30+ pairs? Well, they're really very pretty shoes - I want all of them, in every color. I'm a big fan of fashion, and Heyday sneakers are the perfect addition to pretty much all of my outfits and costumes - you know I always have the best shoes in the room.

And of course, Heyday Footwear has the absolute best customer service of any company I have ever dealt with. I can always get help with anything I need and get any questions I have answered without an issue. I never have to worry when I'm ordering from Heyday - on the very rare occasions something has gone awry, you've always made a point to fix it as fast as possible.

-Krystal "Kiro" Rose @kirokoyote

I’ve been shopping from Heyday footwear for a little over a year I saw the very first picture of a crazy looking shoe that I fell in love with on Google and I knew I needed it I knew I had to have it so I started searching and it was so easy as soon as I typed in gym sneakers Heyday footwear popped up  I started browsing through the website and saw all these comments on how people fell in love with them how they were the most comfortable bad ass sneaker to wear in and out of a gym or anywhere right off the bat they had a few pairs of my size in different styles and colors so I ordered one. Very fast shipping I received them and it was the most amazing most comfortable  shoe I’ve ever put on my feet I wore them to work to the gym anywhere and everywhere it helped with keeping me stable and upright to keep them ankles tight so I could bang out that heavy squat and any movement.
I’ve been hooked since the first pair  and I knew that there wasn’t no other shoe I wanted so every chance I got I got Pair after pair. I think Darin so much for making such a remarkable and amazing shoe that’s the only shoe I have the only shoe I’m going to wear I’ve spent a lot of money and I don’t regret any penny  my kids are starting to wear them and they love them just as much as me because they are a eyecatcher and everybody stops and says what are those one word Heyday. I would like to see Heyday work on low tops because there are majority of people that like low top shoes as well.  Even go as far as a basketball shoe to a work boot I don’t see how Heyday can go wrong because of the unbelievable comfort that the shoes already have but for me as long as Heyday is putting out styles, comfort and Breathtaking colors I’ll continue rocking one shoe for the rest of my life and that’s Heyday.
Thanks Heyday 💜
- Robert Chambers @robertchambers7983


When I began my lifting career, I needed a shoe that met these requirements:
1) Comfortable 
2) Durable 
3) Unique
My Heydays met these requirements with each pair I purchased.
Each time I take the platform or compete in Strongwoman; my Heydays steal the show! My competitors are marveled in both the shoe's durability and the fashion statement I make while wearing them. 
I've scored many gym and competition personal records (PRs) in my Heydays. And I'm looking forward to many more.
- LaToneya Burwell @queenin247
Heyday Footwear is not just a Brand, it's a lifestyle for me.
I learned of Heyday on social media, 
I would see these shoes every now and then, and I said to myself wow these are some great looking shoes. 
I purchased a pair, and I've been hooked ever since. 
I now own over 20 pairs and counting. 
What I love about Heyday shoes are, they are comfortable for gym use and to style with your street wear clothing.
Heyday shoes are different, 
You know when your in the gym or grabbing a bite and people keep looking down at your feet Smiles and give you the thumbs up.
This is some Rock Star status for your feet. 
Darin has a great thing going, 
I will continue to purchase Heyday footwear for the above reasons. 
-Alfie Simms @simmsstrength

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