There are two areas of your body that are visible more often than any other area; your calves and your forearms. Chances are that your standard issued uniform during the warmer months is a pair of shorts and a Heyday t-shirt so with that said, it's incredibly important that you ensure you do not neglect these two muscle groups. For today's article, we're going to focus on building forearm size. For some reason or another, it's a rare sight to actually see someone train their forearms and it could be due to the fact that many feel that their forearms receive enough stimulus from training back and biceps or it could be because they don't care. If you fall into either of those categories or if you're doing your best to build your forearms to a size you can be proud of, here are 3 exercises you should include when devising a plan for building massive forearms.

Exercise #1:         Behind the back Wrist Curls

Of all the forearm exercises we're going to look at today, this one is by far my own personal favourite and the one that has given me the most growth. The behind the back wrist curl allows you to handle a substantial amount of weight and makes it fairly easy to get a great contraction by virtue of the set up. When you grip the barbell, do so close enough so that you can rest the tops of your hands and wrists on the upper portion of your glutes. This will create the fulcrum for you to maximize the contraction. Go heavy and with high reps for these and watch your forearms swell.

Exercise #2:         Bench Wrist Curls

Second to the behind the back wrist curls, at least in my opinion, would be the seated bench curls that you would perform with a barbell or dumbbell. The reason this exercise is so effective is because of the exaggerated stretch you can employ in the muscles of the forearm to help drive even more blood into the area. To perform this the best way, sit yourself down on a flat bench. Then with either a barbell (you'll be using both hands for this) or a dumbbell (one hand at a time) position your wrist so that your hand is palms facing up and your wrist is resting right on the end of the bench. This positioning will allow you to extend your wrist as far as you can to maximize the stretch. Then let the barbell or dumbbell roll to the end of your finger tips prior to curling your fingers back into a fist and then flexing your wrist and forearm. Really focus on feeling the stretch on each rep you perform.

Exercise #3:         Isometric Holds

As mentioned in the introduction of this article, many people feel that their forearms receive enough stimulus from training back due to all of the gripping and holding of heavy weights that is required when training back. Essentially what they are referring to are the isometric forearm contractions that are occurring. So in the spirit of that, why not incorporate isometric holds on their own as a part of your forearm training program? I think it's a great idea and once you try it, you'll see just how awesome they are for pumping up your forearms. The easiest way to do this is to find a heavy pair of dumbbells, lift them up off the rack and just stand there holding them for either a pre-determined amount of time or until your grip gives out. The latter, in my opinion, works the best.

Massive forearms just look cool. Especially when you lean over to lace up your Tactical Trainers and all of the veins start popping out all over the place making things look just plain freaky. Give the exercises above a try and make Popeye proud!

Author: Dana Bushell

AST Sports Science sponsored athlete/writer, sponsored by Schiek Sports Inc.

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