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The secret of starting a diet by IFBB Pro Leidy Hernandez



Many people find it difficult to take the first step, often because they have no idea how to start. I have some suggestions on how to get started.

1. Set a goal that's possible for you to obtain.

2. Weigh your food. (Believe it or not, this makes a huge difference because it is not only important to eat, but more so how much you eat). 

For example: My current weight is 63kg, my diet contains 3500 calories which allow me to stay in shape while I build more muscle mass. In a more strict diet towards a competition, my calories can go down to 2000 - 1500 calories.

My diet is made up by a ratio of 60% protein (meat , chicken, fish , eggs etc ), 30% carbohydrates ( sweet potatoes, potatoes, rice, vegetables, fruits etc.) and 10% from healthy fats.

3. Food Prep: Prepare every meal in advance. It is difficult to prepare a new meal every 3 hours to maintain the diet, therefore I advise you to have it pre-made, so it’s ready to eat.

4. It is advisable to divide the carbohydrates into the first 3 meals of the day because that is when we need the energy they provide us the most and in this time period, we can utilize it better for fueling our workouts.

5. One day a week you can do a cheat meal (it helps us not only psychologically but it also helps us to keep our metabolism high, when you're in a phase of strict dieting).

6. Last but not least you will need, willpower, perseverance, and discipline, note that the first week is the hardest but I assure you that after that you will get used to it. 

Good Luck and stay positive! 

- Leidy Hernandez IFFB Pro Figure Athlete

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