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The most effective approach to the bodybuilding lifestyle is one that is supported by actual science and anecdotal evidence. When you can apply the research and subsequent experimentations with regards to building muscle, you can then start to accumulate a plethora of newfound knowledge of your own with regards to how what we know to be true can relate to your specific needs and ultimately your own gains. Prior to engaging in any new direction in your bodybuilding pursuit, I highly suggest you educate yourself as much as you possibly can in all facets of your new pursuit so that the right judgement calls can be made as you progress through the program. Now, with all of that said, none of it will matter if you aren’t mindful of the three most important words in a bodybuilder’s vocabulary and those are dedication, consistency and intensity. If you have made those three words the pillars of your approach, success will be achieved. Let’s take a closer look at what each entails.


You will never realize your full potential if you go at this bodybuilding thing half-heartedly. Sure, you might see some gains and change your physique a little, but you’ll never come close to building what you could if you are not completely dedicated to your cause. Bodybuilding is a sport unlike any other in that it requires a full commitment each and every day in all that you do. Time is of the essence and each minute of the day counts towards building the body you desire to create. You must have purpose in everything you do and everything that you do decide to do must be geared towards building muscle. You cannot falter in your approach to nutrition, you cannot skip workouts and cardio sessions, you cannot go without sleep and you cannot take a break just because things are starting to get difficult to keep up with. Your dedication to what you are trying to achieve will shine through as long as you stay the course and make everything about bodybuilding.


This one is probably the toughest to get going. You can have a passion for doing something and want it more so than anything else in life, but if you aren’t consistent in your approach, it will never happen the way you want it to happen. There’s an old quote that says something along the lines that the definition of crazy is doing the same things over and over again and expecting a different result. Well, if you buy into that then you can label every single bodybuilder on earth as crazy. We have to do the same things over and over again every single day because that’s the proven way to get things done in the bodybuilding world. We train every day, we eat all of our meals every day and most times they’re the same meals, we get the same amount of rest every day and we practice our posing every day. Yes, it can feel exactly like the movie Groundhog Day in that each day mirrors the next because that’s what it takes to be a bodybuilder. I’m telling your right now, consistency will be the key to your success and that consistency may not pay off for many years, but eventually it will.


I’ve mentioned this before but I strongly feel that the advice I was given by one of bodybuilding’s greatest champions is so important that I need to share it again. He told me that the only limiting factor in your approach to training and being a bodybuilder is intensity. If you lack intensity in your efforts, you will never give yourself the opportunity to be great. This advice and those words have fueled more of my workouts than I can even count and I hope after reading this, it does the same for you. When you can employ a greater sense of intensity to what you are doing and never leave anything on the table or to chance, you are taking full control of your being. And when you are in control of your destiny, it is an extremely powerful way of living. Each day you wake up and get out of bed, go and get what’s yours and be relentless in your attack. Force your body to grow through sheer will and intensity and then walk away knowing that you had nothing left to give. Once you do that, everything will simply fall into place for you.

As you work towards establishing yourself as a bodybuilder, always stay true to who you are and what you’re all about and keep these three words at the forefront of your thinking. Also know that you’re not alone in your pursuit because here at Heyday Footwear, we value those three words as well.

Dedication– We’ve been banging out the freshest shoes in the fitness world since 2006 and are dedicated to providing you the best customer service you’ll ever receive

Consistency– Year after year we’re coming in hot with the best designed and most original looks you’ll ever see coupled with true support for all of your training needs

Intensity – We’ve been crushing our competition on the daily and plan to do so every chance we get!

So if you’re ready like we are, let’s do this!

Author: Dana Bushell

AST Sports Science sponsored athlete/writer, sponsored by Schiek Sports Inc.

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