Take a Stance in your Positioning for Speed and Power

Take a Stance in your Positioning for Speed and Power

One of the best strategies you can use for creating explosive power for multi-directional purposes is to focus on your stance. How you position your feet with regards to your centre of gravity will tremendously support your ability to move in any direction quickly and effectively. Athletes in all sports need to be aware of this so that they can learn their biomechanics and discover which stance works best for them in any situation they are presented with. The more emphasis you put on developing your stance, the more power you’ll be able to generate. Here are a few of the stances you may want to consider working on.

The Athletic Stance

The very first stance any coach or teacher will present to their players or students is the athletic stance. It is a very basic yet fundamental position that allows movement in all directions very easily regardless of their motor skills abilities. The athletic stance starts with a shoulder width and parallel foot positioning with toes pointed forward. From there, you bend your knees so that you make roughly a sixty-degree angle with your upper and lower leg and then tilt your upper body forward just a bit. Your arms are out in front of you with your hands down low and you stay on the balls of your feet. Once in this position, movement in any direction is very easily accomplished.

The Staggered Stance

Very closely related to the athletic stance is the staggered version. The entire set up is the exact same as the athletic version except for the fact that your feet are no longer positioned parallel to each other. Instead, you position your feet so that one is slightly ahead of the other. In most instances, the foot that drops back is going to be on the dominant leg as this position yields a more powerful option for travelling forwards or backwards which is what this stance is commonly used for. Remember to stay on the balls of your feet to make re-direction of your positioning much easier.

The Dynamic Stance

Probably the most effective of the three stances, the dynamic stance will have you constantly moving in place so that you can take advantage of any momentum you create within your movements. With the first two stances being considered static (you’ll always be moving from a dead stop), this one may prove to fit your sport much better due to the fluidity of it. Everything is the same as the first two stances (knees bent, tilt forward, on the balls of your feet, arms out in front of you) except for the fact that you’re foot positioning will be shifting non-stop until it’s time to react. Many athletes like this shifting as they feel they’ll never get caught at a standstill unable to move quickly.

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Author: Dana Bushell

AST Sports Science sponsored athlete/writer, sponsored by Schiek Sports Inc.

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