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Tactical Boots to High Top Sneakers, I've designed them all

I'm the designer and owner of Heyday Footwear, maker of high top sneakers for the fitness consumer. Heyday has been in the bodybuilding sneaker market since 2014, but prior to that, I had a long career as a footwear designer for major athletic, casual and tactical boot brands including Puma, Sperry Top-Sider, Hi-Tec Sports, Inov8 and lots and lots of tactical boot brands.

What is a tactical boot? Any boot built to provide maximum agility and traction over any terrain and are worn by the military and law enforcement for active duty but not for ceremonial or parade use. One of the most interesting brands was OTB, founded by a good friend and former colleague at Sperry, Dan Ellis. The boots I designed at OTB were developed with direct feedback from active duty Navy SEAL operators who had special requirements including the need for boots with a slim profile that could be worn with swim fins. The boots I designed had that slim profile with asymmetrical lacing like on a soccer shoe so the laces wouldn't be felt on the instep with fins. The boots also featured a completely flat sole with specialized sticky rubber, an external TPU brace for extra ankle support, an adjustable velcro strap and a proprietary water drainage system and hydrophobic materials that could repel water. These were some seriously high-tech tactical boots made specifically for the most demanding uses on the battlefield. Many of the design and functional features have made their way into Heyday Footwear's new Tactical Trainer high top sneakers for bodybuilding which are used for the toughest training in the gym as well as worn by active duty army and numerous police officers through our sneaker collaboration with FIT COPS, a group of police officers worldwide who all train for bodybuilding competitions



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