Bodybuilding is all about continuous growth. Each and every day we wake up, we do so with a specific purpose at the forefront of our thinking; be better than the previous day. If we can achieve that, whether it be big or small, the cumulative effect of those victories will add up over time and ultimately get us to our end game. But here's a question so many people struggle to answer; what are you going to do today to make yourself better for tomorrow? What is your success criteria and how will you know when you can check the box saying that you're done for the day? Being successful and accomplished will come in many forms, depending upon your goals and objectives, but generally speaking here are a few items you should have on your list for when you wake up to take on the world.

Will You Be Happy?

Above all else, you need to go through life happy. It's not worth it to be overly stressed or in a constant state of flux or always being down on yourself for what you haven't yet achieved. You need to align your priorities with your emotions so that you can end your day on a high and completely happy with what you accomplished on that day. Sure, we all wish we could put on more muscle, lose a little more fat, make some more money or drive a nicer car, but appreciating everything you do have and acknowledging the work it took to get you to where you are now, is also very important. Do your best to stay positive, see the good in everything you do and once you can manage that type of attitude, you'll be happy with your progress.

Did You Give it Your All Today?

As you make your way through your day, through your work week, through all of your training sessions and through all of the menial tasks that need to be completed day in and day out, did you honestly give it your all in each of these situations? If you can answer yes to that question then check another box off on your list of accomplishments. Those who hold back and never truly put themselves out there for fear of failure or fear of being ridiculed or any other reason will fall very short of becoming who they could potentially be. Think about the last time you went for setting a PR in the gym and how determined you were to make it happen. If you can apply that to everything else you do during the run of the day no matter what it is you have to do, you will feel accomplished and satisfied with yourself and then go to bed happy at the end of the day.

Are You Motivated and Determined to Be Better?

Finally and perhaps most importantly, are you ending your day not wanting to end your day? Are you so full of enthusiasm and motivation that your determination has you working well into the wee hours of the night because you don't want to stop? Do you close your eyes at night wishing away the hours so that you can get up and fire things up again? When you are passionate about what you are doing, the ridiculous amount of work and the level at which you have to work won't seem all that taxing simply because you love what you have chosen to do and never want it to end. The most successful people on the planet hardly ever sleep but a couple of hours a night simply because what they've got going is so good and so rewarding that they can't bear the thought of it ever ending so they never end it. Case in point, Heyday Footwear and its founder Darin Hager. The man never stops and with a shipment of over 1000 new shoes just in, you can bet your bottom dollar he's going day and night to make sure you have your new Super Freaks, Tactical Trainers, Mission Bodybuilding Shoes and Ninja's to your house and on your feet as soon as he possibly can.

How you decide to define success and what you see as being accomplished will differ for each of us. As long as you take into consideration the three items mentioned above as being on your criteria list for success, you'll be well on your way to greatness and well on your way to inspiring others to be great as well.

Author: Dana Bushell

AST Sports Science sponsored athlete/writer sponsored by Schiek Sports Inc.



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