Pay it Forward to Promote the Lifestyle

A healthy active lifestyle is something that everyone should be pursuing. The benefits are plentiful and the long-lasting positive effects that occur as a result of choosing this type of lifestyle are just too much to ignore. You should also know that you don't need to be a bodybuilder, a weight lifter, a Crossfitter, a cyclist or participate in any other sport to live this way. There are many different forms of fitness and healthy active lifestyles that exist and it's up to us, the ones who already take part in it, to lead the way and show others how it's done. My own personal journey began almost three decades ago now and at that time I was very fortunate to have a couple of people around me who showed me the way and got me hooked early on. That's why I make it my mission each and every day to pay what was given to me forward and lead a new generation into living a better quality of life. If you would like to join me in doing the same, here's how you do so.

Give Your Time

One of the best things you can give people you are trying to help and create a new path for is the simplest thing ever; your time. The amount of time you are willing to spend showing someone how to train, how to play a sport, how to eat properly, how to schedule their day to maximize each hour efficiently or how to think in regards to what they want their life to look like is far more important than anything else. You can't just drop off a pamphlet or instruction manual to someone looking to make a real change in their life and expect it to actually happen. They have to see it in action to get a grasp of what it really looks like to live a healthy active lifestyle. So go ahead and take someone to the gym with you, show them how to train, take them grocery shopping, take them on a hike or anything else you think would entice them to begin. If someone early on did it for you, the least you can do is the same for someone else.

Create Content

In the current age of digital media with all of the social media platforms we have access to, if you really want to spread your good word about living a healthy active lifestyle to the masses, then start creating content and sharing it with whoever will listen. This could mean taking the opportunity to write blogs such as the one you're reading right now, make videos showing the great things you and others around you are doing to be active and fit, promote people you believe in and inspire you. I'm sure you have watched or read lots about how to get fit and how to live healthier by experts in the field and maybe perhaps you went on to achieve a higher level of education yourself with regards to health and wellness and feel like it's your time now to inspire people with your knowledge. If that's the case, do so with the same positive content and message that compelled you to seek more knowledge and gain more insight into how to do it right. The more people we have spreading positive messages about health and fitness the better.

With so much negativity already out there in our world, it's nice and refreshing to see people making a real positive difference by paying it forward and promoting a healthy active lifestyle. If someone in your life encouraged you to make better choices and you are now reaping the rewards of that, I only think it's right to do the same for others. You saw firsthand what it did for you and how effective it was for making significant positive changes in probably many different aspects of your life, so why keep that from someone else who could really use that helping hand. We're doing our best here at Heyday Footwear to not only lend a helping hand but to help your feet as well by providing you with the best training footwear out there today. When you're working towards being your best we want to ensure you are equipped with the best. Remember, everything is built from the ground up, including your new lifestyle so strap on a pair of our Super Freak training shoes and let us lead you down the path to your new found way of life.

Author: Dana Bushell

AST Sports Science sponsored athlete/writer, sponsored by Schiek Sports Inc.

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