Motivation Madness: 5 ways to get Fired Up for the Gym

Motivation Madness: 5 ways to get Fired Up for the Gym

We all have a set of factors that contribute to our desire to be a better version of ourselves with each day that passes. Whether those factors are intrinsic or extrinsic in nature is completely unique to the  individual themselves. When it comes to getting jacked up for the gym, we have to draw upon those factors and intelligently employ the inner rage they inspire in us so that we can effectively employ the  madness for greater gains. How you go about igniting this fire is totally up to you and hopefully you can call upon it at will. However, if you find that you're lacking in motivation and can't seem to get yourself amped up, try these strategies on for size (pun intended).

The Mayhem of Music

Music has always been a great source for extracting motivation. The key is to find the type of songs that elicit some sort of emotional response from you (anger is what you're aiming for) and then make an entire playlist that consists of these songs. Once that's done, plug in your headphones, blast it through your car's speakers on the way to the gym or hell sing it out loud if need be. Just be sure that the music you choose gets you to the point of no return and allows you to stay there for the duration of your workout.

Get Vicious with Videos

Back in the day my friends and I would watch Blood and Guts every day before going to the gym. By the time Dorian finished up his first heavy set of whatever it was he was doing, we were fit to be tied. His intensity came through that video like it was a force of nature and it propelled us into completing workouts that neared the brink of insanity. If you can find something similar to watch just before the gym that will put you in this mindset, take full advantage of it.

Go down the Beaten Path

Here's something that if you haven't tried before will give you a nice motivational boost; train with someone bigger and stronger (like Martin Ford) and have them beat you on every lift you perform. I'll tell you right now it won't be too long before you've had enough of looking like you're there as a spotter to kick things in gear and prove that you're just as alpha as anyone in the gym. You're going to need an extremely strong mindset to use this to your advantage but constantly trying to prove one's worth has yielded some of the best results that I've ever seen.

Show them what You've Got

There's always going to be haters, naysayers and people who just don't believe in you. Use this outside negativity as your chance to prove them all wrong. Quietly go about your business knowing that when the time is right, they'll all see what you've known about yourself since day one. Some will say that this is an unhealthy way to extract motivation; I say if it works to your advantage then why not.

 So Fresh and So Clean

When you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good about yourself it's as if nothing can stand in your way. Fresh new training gear always provides a level of excitement for hitting the gym and often times you can hardly wait to try your new gear out. Whether it's a belt you just got, some clothes, fresh new kicks like the Max Grey Hightop Bodybuilding Sneaker or all of the above, being able to gear up and present yourself as best you can is highly motivating for just about everyone.

The Max

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To experience any level of success in the gym, you have to know what gets you pumped up and then you have to become an expert at being able to summon it on cue. Once you're able to do that, your pilot light will always be on and getting fired up will be as easy as flicking a switch.


Author: Dana Bushell

AST Sports Science sponsored athlete/writer, Sponsored by Schiek Sports Inc.

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