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Klaus Riis's top 3 picks for Heyday Footwear

As an athlete you are always interested in improving on your performance and gains. So once you have all your basic things in order like your diet, training program, supplementation, rest etc. Then you want the best gym accessories you can get. It all starts from the bottom and up. This is where Heyday Footwear comes into play. The best gym sneakers out there period!
Klaus Riis in Red Prime Trainers by Heyday Footwear
I have been an athlete in various sports; amateur and pro wrestling, tae kwon do, strongman, bodybuilding and have been active my whole life. I've tried a bunch of shoe brands, but honestly I would not trade any for my Heyday trainers.

For my wrestling workouts and my cardio sessions I need shoes that are light weight, comfortable and breathable, here I go with my Super Freak Cardio sneakers.

For my strength workouts I want some shoes with a flat sole, comfortable and with ankle support especially for my beloved leg days. Here I go with the Anaconda High Top Bodybuilding sneakers. Some times I bring the Super Freak cardio sneakers as well as they can be used for any activity really :D

When I'm out, all of the Heyday shoes looks great worn with jeans. I do love the Red Prime Trainer Gym sneakers at the moment. Looks awesome and feels great. And my feet can breath and don't hurt even after long days on your feet.

In order for you to reach your goals, make sure you have the right things and accessories at your disposal so your mind is in the right place. Not thinking about small things that might irritate you, like wearing shoes that make your feet hurt. That will put your focus off.

- Heyday Athlete Klaus Riis 

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