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This review was posted to the Instagram account of customer Kris Bardales, @2ndnaturefitness.

Purpose of Product: 
To provide style and support in the pursuit of strength, size and power. 
To be a gym goer's best friend.

The only complaint I have, which isn't really an actual complaint but more of being nit picky is that they are made in China but sold in the US. 
To be fair, I'm aware that most products are this way, 9 times out of 10 you'll see a product sold in the US but made in Taiwan, China or Pakistan. 
I like that the Prime Trainer Cross Training Sneakers are all velcro. No more having to do with stupid shoelaces.

They are very comfortable, durable and give support. The fact that every style and color scheme comes in limited quantities make them that much more rare and awesome to have.

Being that this pair I now own is 1/200 definitely makes it feel worth the price. I feel that I got what I payed for, which makes me really happy. I'll be reserving these shoes specifically for gym days so that they last that much longer.

Awesome scale: 5/5

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