There are probably many of you out there right now planning your New Year’s resolutions and most likely, some part of it entails a new approach to your fitness and health. Chances are you’re thinking about a diet plan, perhaps you’re going to go the gym more often and make use of that membership you purchased last year or if you’ve been successful in attaining your goals over the last 12 months, you’re just simply going to up the ante and ask more of yourself. Regardless of which situation you are in, there are a few things to keep in mind when starting a new training year that will ensure you stick with the new program, see things through to the end and achieve all that you desire.

Be Realistic

The biggest downfall for anyone who has decided to start fresh in the New Year is setting unrealistic goals for themselves. You can’t just decide that you’re going to be Mr. Olympia this year and if that doesn’t happen, you’re a failure. You also can’t assume that what you’re trying to accomplish is going to happen overnight. It just doesn’t work that way and building an impressive physique takes a lot of time. Make sure that when you do create your set of goals for the year that they are attainable and conducive to the actions you’re taking to make them happen.

Small Goals Add Up

One of the most important pieces of advice you will ever get in this game is to set smaller sized goals for yourself and then let those goals add up over time. The compounding effect to this will eventually be monumental for your overall endeavors. More importantly, you’ll rarely find yourself frustrated with your progress and you’ll always be knocking down checkpoints in your training, which will prove to be extremely motivating for yourself. Always have the big picture in mind but make each of those smaller goals a stepping-stone for where you ultimately want to end up.

Focus on Your Gains

There are times when your motivation for improving upon your current level of fitness comes by way of acknowledging the success of others and then wanting to achieve that same status that you admire. The problem with this approach is that no two people are alike and it’s very difficult to mimic the actions of others and expect the same results. Each of us has our limitations and you have to realize that you’re not in competition with anyone else other than yourself. Sure, if stepping on stage is your goal then you’ll be in competition with other people, but even then, you’re still just trying to be a better version of yourself leaving the chips to fall where they may. Your efforts should be justified by your gains and your gains only; don’t worry about what anyone else is doing.

Have Everything You need to Start

If your plan is to begin a new fitness journey, then you have to make sure that you have everything you’ll need to make it happen. This means going to the grocery store and buying all of the right types of foods for a great diet. It also means making sure that you have a great source of motivation to keep your spirits high until the gains start rolling in and you also have to ensure that you have the best gear to support your training; and it all starts with your footwear. Heyday Footwear’s line of customizable Super Shift Bodybuilding Sneakers, the Super Freaks or the Tactical Trainers are all great choices that guarantee to support your training and your style both in and out of the gym.

Starting the New Year with a fresh new program while wearing a fresh new pair of kicks is the only way to go. You have a lot to look forward to this year so let’s make sure you kick things off right. Train hard, be patient, up your shoe game and remember that you have to enjoy the process to make it to your destination.

Author: Dana Bushell

AST Sports Science sponsored athlete/writer, sponsored by Schiek Sports Inc.

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