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The exercises you choose to utilize to sculpt your physique must be congruent to both your strengths and weaknesses for maximum results. The order in which you sequence those exercises within any given workout is of paramount importance to the overall structure of your workout in accordance to your focus for the day. You can’t just randomly throw a bunch of exercises together and hope that you’ll have a great workout. The order in which you perform each movement you choose can and will lead you to a much better experience in the gym and a much longer and successful journey as a bodybuilder. Consider the following exercise sequence approaches the next time you put together a new plan of attack for your bodybuilding aspirations.

Order of Priority

We all have our weak points and areas of our physique that we would like to bring up. When you consistently train your strengths first, they will continue to be your strengths and your weaker body parts will always be just that. To adjust for the genetic pitfalls of our physique, we must address those areas first in the workout, when we are fresh and full of energy, so that we can apply maximum effort and intensity to that area to spur on more growth. When you make your weak points the priority in a workout that means you hit them first and finish off the workout by training your stronger areas. The goal of this approach is to eventually even things out and make it so you don’t have or can’t see any lagging body parts.

Injury Prevention

The more you train, the more wear and tear your body goes through in the name of a great physique. While this is all well and good, there will come a time when you have to be preventative in your approach and sequence your exercises so that you can thoroughly warm up an area first prior to getting into the heavy stuff. When you find yourself in this situation, take the time necessary to drive fresh new blood into the area being trained by using isolation, single joint type movements to get things flowing and allow your body and joints to acclimate to the impending torture it’s about to receive. If it takes a couple of movements to get yourself ready, then so be it. Otherwise, you could suffer an unwanted injury that could derail all of your ambitions.

Compound Movements then Ancillary Exercises

Some of you out there are only concerned with being big and strong, which is awesome. If building a stage worthy physique isn’t on your agenda and your only goal is to be the alpha of your gym when it comes to lifting, then you should be setting up your workout with compound movements first. Hit the big three (bench, squat and dead lift) early on when you have the most energy and then finish up with ancillary exercises that are completed to compliment those compound movements. For example, if it’s bench day, you would throw in a couple of movements specific to targeting the triceps once you’ve done your pressing as the triceps are the secondary movers in that lift. For squats, you would do some glute and hamstring specific work and for dead lifts you would perform hyperextensions and some trap work.

There really is no limit to the different ways you can sequence your workouts. It is a matter of what your goals are, finding the correct order of operation and then adjusting as need be. The only mainstay in your sequence, regardless of what you’re working towards, would be lacing up your Heyday Tactical Trainers prior to engaging in your workout for the day. This will set the tone, get things started off on the right foot and propel you into the next level of training.

Author: Dana Bushell    

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