Life is busy. Obligations can quickly pile up and finding the time to address all that you have to do in the run of the day can become difficult. We are all striving for balance in our daily routines yet often times the work commitments, family responsibilities and unannounced events that pop up when least expected, seemingly leave us wondering where the day went. Amongst all of this, there is still that innate desire to train, but where does that fit into our jam-packed schedules? The truth of the matter is sometimes it doesn’t and you just have to be at peace with that. However, with that said, you don’t need to dedicate a tremendous amount of time towards a workout and you can strategically fit one in during the day, even in a short period of time, and still benefit plenty. Here’s how!

Be Prepared

You never know when a little bit of down time is going to sneak its way into your day and that twenty minute window of opportunity could present itself at any given time. If and when it does, being prepared and having everything you need at your disposal to workout will be key. Always have your gym bag with you that has your workout clothing, your protein shakes, your shaving kit and a towel. The Max Crazy Horse High Tops Shoes you already have on are both casual and functional, so no problems there. If you can’t get to a gym and all that you can do is some cardio and body weight exercises, going for a run or walk and mixing in some pushups, sit ups and lunges, is better than nothing.


When you know you have thirty minutes to get in all that you want to do within a training session, there’s no need for any sort of down time in the program; just go HAM. Forget timing your rest periods in between sets and simply let your breathing guide your way. If you can go from one exercise to the next to the next without stopping, then do it! You’d be surprised by just how much you are able to accomplish, volume wise, within your workout when a sense of urgency is hovering over you.

Hoard the Equipment

This next piece of advice is sometimes bothersome when you are looking for something to use in the gym and it’s not where it’s supposed to be, but if you are the person do so, then so be it. You do what you have to do and by that I mean grab everything you think you’ll need, dumbbells, barbells, resistance bands, benches etc, and pile it all in one place in the gym, next to the machines you’ll be using that you can’t move, and get to it. By having all that you need for your workout in one place, you eliminate the time it usually takes to go from one station to the next, you won’t have to worry about someone jumping in on your machine when you’re not done using it and having to work in with them and because of this, you can maximize the time you have there.

Focus on Your Strengths

We all have weaker body parts that we would like to enhance and make better. To do so, it takes a lot of time and effort to will these muscle groups into growth. A quick twenty to thirty minute session, while better than nothing, won’t be enough to garner the results you are looking for. Instead, when time is of the essence, simply work a body part that is already a strong point for you as it won’t need a whole lot of stimulation to maintain its current status or continue to grow. Leave the weaker parts of your physique to the days when you do have time and can appropriately beat them into submission.

The most important thing to remember when your going to the gym time seems to keep getting pushed to the back burner is that doing something, whenever you can, is better than doing nothing at all. Like the old saying goes, “where there’s a will there’s a way” and you can find the time to train if you really want to and Heyday Footwear's Mission Trainer will power you through all of your workouts at all intensity levels.

Author: Dana Bushell

AST Sports Science sponsored athlete/writer, sponsored by Schiek Sports Inc.

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