The gym is an exhilarating environment filled with many different personalities, different approaches to training, varying goals and a tremendous amount of opportunities to improve upon what you currently possess. It’s no wonder people become hooked on working out as it elicits such a positive and motivating sense of well-being that all those who partake in this daily ritual can’t wait to return. As much as we would like to believe and hope that every day will be as inspiring as the last, it doesn’t always happen that way and the draw of the gym can become tiresome, boring and in extreme cases non-existent. When this happens, it’s time to make some changes for yourself and your approach to working out so that you can breathe new air into what has always given you satisfaction and has always been a staple in your life. Try the following approaches to help keep things fresh in the gym and to help keep you coming back for more.

Change Gyms

Maybe all that you’re looking for is a new environment with new faces, new equipment and a different kind of vibe to flourish in. Once you’ve completely extracted everything you possibly can from your current gym, have utilized all that it has to offer over and over again and feel the need to find motivation from other like-minded individuals, start trying out other gyms in your area. Once you do, you might just be pleasantly surprised by what you find. It could be the music being played in the gym, it could be the old-school feeling of the place, it could be the shiny new equipment or it could be the level of intensity at which most of its members train in. You’ll know within ten minutes of stepping foot inside the place if this is the change you need or not. Chances are you’ll be invigorated and find inspiration once again to do what you love.

New Training Program

Most bodybuilders and regular gym goers tend to be creatures of habit in that there are certain exercises and certain rep schemes that we like to work with. As productive as this approach has proven to be for us, eventually we acclimate and stop responding in a positive way therefore leading us to disappointment and a lack of motivation to train. When this happens, and it does, perhaps it’s time to look for an entirely new training program to follow. To do this, you could go online to find some new exercises, exercise sequences, different training principles or look for subtle tweaks you could add to the things you currently do. You could also hire a coach to help guide you through your workouts and rely upon them to keep things fresh for you or you could purchase training programs from these coaches that detail everything you need to know for each workout. Sometimes when you follow something that wasn’t created by you, it feels different in a good way and provides you with a different perspective on something you’ve done all of your life.

Incorporate other Activities

Pounding away at the weights day in and day out most certainly has its benefits and should be the basis from which all other fitness endeavors begin. With that said, many people neglect the ‘other’ fitness endeavors that they have at their disposal and become one-dimensional. Repetition of your craft is what makes you successful, but so too does variation for the purposes of new muscle stimulation. I personally like the idea of incorporating different activities into your training program for the simple purposes of injecting fun into your routine. If you’re an athlete, or even if you’re not, do some sport specific training via drills that utilize functional movements. Try a Crossfit workout if you want or a body pump class or jump on a bike for a spin class; all that matters is that you provide yourself with a new challenge that is difficult, gives you a great workout and gives you something new to work towards.

On a personal note, when I feel like I need to freshen things up for myself in the gym I like to buy new workout gear. I don’t know why this works, but it does and nothing beats trying out a new pair of Heydays such as the newly released Red Super Freak. There’s just something about having new gym gear that no one else has, that supports your training and helps get you to that next level that is so exciting for me that my wallet takes a hit probably more often than need be, but oh well.

Therefore, if keeping things fresh in the gym is a priority for you, try the approaches mentioned above and stay tuned for some amazing new items coming your way this week from Heyday Footwear!

Author: Dana Bushell

AST Sports Science sponsored athlete/writer, sponsored by Schiek Sports Inc.



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