The gym is our haven. It is our place to be reckless, to eliminate the worries of the world and a zone in which we can allow the inner beast in us to be free. Each time we hit the gym we want it to be special. So special in fact that the best sessions are the ones you never want to end. The gravitational pull we feel every day to get to the gym and build upon what we're constructing should be so strong that regardless of what we're doing, it's always at the forefront of our thoughts. Every time we hit the gym floor an overwhelming sense of excitement for what we're about to accomplish should consume us and propel us through the best workouts possible so that the experience is one we want to keep coming back for. You need to feel like this to be great, you need that desire to be stronger and bigger than the last time you were here and you need to follow these tips to ensure that it always happens.

Be the Lesser Person

Everyone wants to be the alpha of their gym and ensure that all patrons know who's boss and there's nothing wrong with that. If it is one of the driving forces that is pushing you through incredible workouts, then extract what you can from it and grow. In saying that, there's also something to be said about being the underdog in the fight and the insane will and determination that often accompanies a person who has nothing to lose and everything to gain. If you want to take your training experience to next level status, find someone who is bigger, stronger and more bad ass than you, ask them if they want to train with you and then try to keep up. You already know that you have the intensity needed to do this, now you just have to prove that you can hang with the real big dogs. I guarantee your ego will not let you down and your training experience in this situation will be second to none.

 Be the New Person

Establishing dominance is a part of being in the gym for those that care. There's a certain air about the person in your gym who can out lift everyone and who makes most there look like their little sibling. I'm sure many of you will know what I'm talking about here when I say the times when a new person hits your gym floor, who looks like they know what they're doing and could potentially threaten the big dog status of the current alpha in your gym, everyone is going to be paying attention (even if they pretend they aren't). When looking to give yourself a new challenge and significantly improve your training experience, be that new guy who has everything to prove. You want to be that person who can walk into any gym and just take it over as if it was your own. Having this type of mindset, this level of arrogance and the motivation to make a serious point will have you blasting away at the weights like never before.

Be the Most Prepared Person

One of the most basic yet highly effective principles I teach to my students about training is that the best way to ensure your training experience is better than the last is by being prepared. This means you have an exact plan of attack for your session, every single meal you have eaten up to the point of training was done so with purpose to fuel your workout, the Mindset you have in your thoughts and on your feet corroborate with what you're trying to achieve and you know exactly what needs to be accomplished for that day. You can't just go into the gym and wing it and hope that greatness will follow; it just doesn't work like that. Be meticulous in everything that you do so that you are in full control of your destiny.

The love you have for training will always be there as long as you enrich every single training experience with passion, motivation and subsequent gains. Once you've mastered that, the number of amazing training days you have will far outweigh the ones you don't and that's about all that we can ask for.

Author: Dana Bushell

AST Sports Science sponsored athlete/writer, sponsored by Schiek Sports Inc.

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