How to be Successful as a Non-Competitive Bodybuilder like Martyn Ford


The bodybuilding and fitness industry has grown exponentially over the last decade with more and more personalities taking a prominent position within our world. In the past, the most highly sought after and most successful individuals were the ones presenting their physiques on stage and the stars you read about in the magazines. Now, with the advent of social media, this isn't necessarily the case anymore and to find fortune and fame within this industry, you don't even have to step foot on stage whatsoever. If you have the ability to market yourself in a way which will set you apart from the masses, then you too can find success without ever having established yourself as a competitive bodybuilder. Going through the gruelling process of a contest prep is not for everyone, nor is standing in front of a crowd in less than what you probably wear as underwear, so if you have no interest in that but love this industry and love bodybuilding, then here are a few ways you can still profit from all that the fitness world has to offer as a non-competitive bodybuilder.

Promote Yourself

To get anywhere in this business you have to get your name out there as well as your face and physique for recognition purposes. The more people that know who you are, the better the chances are that they will follow what you are offering. This means setting up all of the different social media platforms for yourself and posting on a daily basis. People like seeing different perspectives on bodybuilding, different ways of doing things, meal and food ideas, different twists on old training exercises as well as lifestyle stuff. If you are willing to put all of that out there about yourself and show people that you do in fact have something to offer and that by checking back in with what you are doing on a regular basis will be beneficial to them, then you have successfully promoted yourself.

Be an Authority

Here's something else you may want to consider in your endeavours; be an authority on the intellectual side of the industry. People are constantly searching for new ways of doing things and want correct, researched and anecdotally based information at their fingertips. If you have a significant amount of experience, have gone through and experimented with different approaches for training and nutrition, have the unique ability to troubleshoot when helping others and are willing to put that type of information out there, then people will come to you for help. You can start by making informative posts, writing blogs about important and often searched information pertaining to bodybuilding and fitness, try getting your articles in print with popular magazines, start a website that people can go to for your services and make sure that whatever you say or write is correct and to the best of your knowledge. Then, your advice will be taken seriously and those in need of help will go looking for you.

Look the Part

Opportunities within this industry can be plentiful for you if you look the part and maintain a hard and lean physique all year around. Take our Premiere Athlete Martyn Ford for example. Just because he doesn't compete on a bodybuilding stage doesn't mean his training and nutrition aren't the same as someone who would compete. Consistently being in shape allows Martyn to be ready at a moment's notice for photo shoots, like the one he did for Heyday Footwear in his Camo Tactical Trainers, or for his movie roles like Undisputed 4 and Vikings Destiny or for any of the other ventures he has that requires him to look great and in shape. If you can handle the rigours of what it takes to be lean all of the time, then when opportunity knocks, you'll be there waiting to answer.

With so many people getting involved in the bodybuilding and fitness industry and with so much access to information, you have to figure out a way to make yourself stand out from a crowd. It's easy if you're as big as Martyn Ford, but if you're not you have to find that niche crowd for yourself and then work hard at keeping them coming back. With a little thought and some ingenuity, you can find what works for you and become very successful in this business without ever stepping out under the lights on a bodybuilding stage.

Author: Dana Bushell

AST Sports Science sponsored athlete/writer, sponsored by Schiek Sports Inc.

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