How many of you out there would say that training and working with the weights ended up being your first love? Of course it was and it was within that time of day you spent in the gym improving upon your physique that you felt most at home. The excitement and anticipation of the next training session kept your motivation levels high and your hopes and dreams at the forefront of your thoughts. Nothing was going to get in your way of being the best bodybuilder in the world and you had time on your side. Then, your responsibilities started to add up; bills had to be paid and obligations that should be more important to you became the focus and training was pushed to the back burner. Listen, life happens and if you’re taking care of business and doing all that you can to support your family and those you surround yourself with, time is of the essence and you have to fit your training in where you can. If you’re struggling with this, you’re not alone and the following suggestions may help you in adjusting your training schedule to fit your work and daily schedule.

Train before Work

There are many of you out there who work haphazard schedules, multiple shifts, the graveyard shift and then there are others who work just straight days. Regardless of what your schedule is, many people find it very productive to train within the hours prior to going into work. This is a time when you should be well rested in preparation for your workday, so why not take advantage of that, get in a solid workout and boost energy levels for the remainder of your day? As long as you are prepared and have packed what you need so that you can go to work straight from the gym, there shouldn’t be any problems. Make sure you have your food, your shower gel and whatever clothes you’ll need and you should be good to go. This way, you won’t be going through your shift wondering if you’ll have enough energy by day’s end to get in a productive workout.

Lunchtime Lifts

One of my own favorite strategies is what I call the lunchtime lift. If you have the time and can get to a gym that’s close to work, or perhaps you might even be lucky enough to have a gym in the building where you work, training during your lunchtime hour is an awesome thing to do. You should already have a couple of meals in you which will provide the necessary energy you need for a great workout and the boost you’ll get from training will help you get through the remainder of your day when the minutes before 5pm seem endless. Some of you might say that it’s not enough time but if you plan your workouts, take shorter rest periods, employ some intensity boosting techniques and focus on efficiency, you’ll have plenty of time to train, slam a protein shake and then get back to work.

Full/Half Body workouts on Days Off

Hopefully your work schedule doesn’t have you in the office or on the job 7 days a week and you do have at least one or two days off. If you do have a break during the week, set up your training schedule so that you hit the gym on those days. If you have only one day off, perform a total body workout ensuring that you tax each muscle group accordingly and take your time doing so. If you have two days off, split it up into an upper body day and a lower body day. I know this doesn’t sound ideal at all and our yearning to train daily will always make anything less than that seem pointless, however, this is better than nothing especially if you work long and hard hours most of the time and are too tired to train.

Don’t Go Home First

The final word of caution I will give you when deciding upon when you’ll get your training in is don’t go home from work first. More times than not, when you get home, you’ll turn on the television and take a look in the fridge and before you know it, you’ve eaten last night’s left overs and are two episodes deep into a re-run of a show you could care less about. Your motivation to get up off the couch and go train will have dwindled by then and an opportunity to better yourself has passed. If you’re lucky enough to work decent hours and you don’t tire easily over the course of the day, as soon as you punch out, head straight to the gym. Again, make sure you have all the necessities with you so that you can go from Clark Kent to Superman and finish off your day with a great training session.

To be successful in anything, you’re going to have to put in the time. When things get too overwhelming for you at work and you need to escape, go back to those thoughts when you were younger and could spend as much time in the gym as you wanted and you’ll quickly realize just how important it is to your overall health to make sure you train as much as you can. With a little bit of planning on your part and a lot of dedication, you can fit it all in. As long as you’re always wearing your Super Shift Bodybuilding Sneaker, you’re good to train at any point in your daily schedule.

Author: Dana Bushell

AST Sports Science sponsored athlete/writer, sponsored by Schiek Sports Inc.

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