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Hello again. Well, as you can tell in the title, if you caught it, this particular post will focus one one brand, and rightfully so…but, before I get to that, let’s set the stage shall we…
In the world of sneakers & footwear, there isn’t much room for a person to create a brand to withstand the ever-changing scene that comes with doing so, however, there is plenty of room for someone to create a brand and withstand the changes. You see, there are substantial brands out there that have found their niche, their “it” factor, that bring something to the table that the big names either haven’t found out yet, or simply can’t, or won’t do. 
…that is where one brand comes into play. 
From Boston, MA, ladies & gentleman, I introduce to you (hopefully this isn’t an introduction and you haven’t been sleep for the past 10 years & not under a rock, but if so…)
…Heyday Footwear.

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Fit Queen Tactical Trainer Collab

Anita Herbert x Heyday Footwear Sneaker Collab

IFBB Pro Anita Herbert in Heyday Footwear

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Leroy Walker in Heyday Footwear High Top Sneakers for Bodybuilding and Powerlifting - 46 reps at 315lbs Bench

Leroy Walker 315lb bench for 46 reps!

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