Heyday Athlete Shaun Clarida in Mr. Olympia

We want to wish luck to all of the athletes who train in Heyday Footwear and are competing this weekend at the Super Bowl of Bodybuilding, Mr. Olympia. Heyday sponsored athlete Shaun Clarida who qualified and is competing in his 2nd consecutive Olympia. Shaun is know as the new Giant Killer as he's 5'2 and 166 lbs and he's going up against guys up to 45lbs heavier. He has symmetry, aesthetics and amazing work ethic have gotten him to the very top of the sport and we're behind him 1000%!

Shaun regularly trains in the best high top sneakers for bodybuilders, Heyday Footwear's Super Freaks, Super Shifts and Flexatrons. Anything black and red and he's in it.Ā 

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