Last year I had a voicemail from a customer who was looking for some particular sneakers. The guy said he was filming a movie and wanted the shoes for the shoot. We’ve had many requests for shoes for movies, TV, and concerts (Ant-Man, SYTYCD, True Blood, Katy Perry, Hot Chelle Rae, Flo Rida).

I got the guys name and number and called him in the UK. Before I called, I googled the name to see who it might be. The only name that came up was for the ex Mclaren/Ferrari Design Director and I was like, nah, that can’t be him. 

I called and a few minutes into the conversation I asked about the movie he was going to wear the shoes in. I said, “You’re not possibly Frank Stephenson the car designer are you?”

Well, it was and my mind was blown! I’m a product designer and one of the most famous car designers on the planet was buying Heyday Footwear to wear in the gym for the movie about his life (including his love of working out and bodybuilding). 

If you don’t know who Frank Stephenson is, you might recognize or even own one of his designs. Let’s start: Ferrari F430, Maserati MC12, Mclaren 12C, P1, the 2000 Mini Cooper, the Fiat 500, the first gen BMW X5, and for you car geeks, the Ford Cosworth RS rally car with the double rear wing. Now Frank is designing flying cars in Germany (for real).

I kept in touch with Frank over the past year and he's been sooooo nice to my 11-year-old car nut son who knows every configuration of every car ever made thanks to the Forza series on Xbox (and his dad). Frank has emailed my son a bunch of times and tagged Heyday in photos of him working out.

Today a package arrived for my son from Frank and it contained a Ferrari F1 hat, a matchbox car of the Mclaren he designed and...3 11x17 renderings of an unreleased Ferrari, the Maserati MC12 and the Mclaren P1 GTR all drawn AND signed by Frank and addressed to my son. I'm not sure who was more excited and blown away, me or my son! 

Wow...what an honor to have such an incredible, prolific and famous card designer in Heyday Footwear. 

Frank Stephenson, you are an amazingly kind person to do this for us.



Mclaren P1



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