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Driven with Terrence Ruffin:  My favorite Heyday styles

So I've been asked several times over the left few weeks about what style of shoes do I like the most from Heyday. Well, the answer is I like different styles for different days. 

My favorite would have to be the Super Freaks! They by far are the most comfortable and versatile shoes that I own, period. I can wear these shoes just to walk around in, to go running, and also on leg day, although I like another style a little better which I will talk about later. I also like the Super Freaks because I'm lazy  and these shoes come with elastic laces with a toggle so you don't even have to tie them. The last thing I that makes these shoes by far my favorite is how light they are, they're actually lighter than most of your low top running shoes.

The other pair of shoes I like wearing are the Tactical Trainer Boots. These shoes just scream '90s bodybuilding to me! I remember seeing guys like Ronnie Coleman in magazines training in cut off plaid shirts, jeans shorts & boots with the long white socks rolled down. It's awesome that Heyday was able to capture a bit of the past in these shoes. Beyond that these shoes are my go to's for leg day.

Ronnie Coleman squatting heave in tactical boots

The Tactical Trainers are built to last, they are designed to support your ankles, and the flat soles are perfect for squats which are the staple of my leg training. 

So there you have my two favorite shoe period, not just from Heyday. I've tried all the other brands before I even found out about these guys and now those shoes just collect dust in my closet, I'll be training in my Super Freaks & Tactical Trainers for years to come.

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