Hey Fam,

By now, you've probably noticed that we have nothing in stock and other than a few one-off releases like the Vegeta and BRED Tactical Trainers and deadstock or samples. 

Since founding Heyday Footwear in 2006, I've always designed sneakers based on what I and my friends wanted to wear, and that treats customers that way I loved to be treated at world-class brands like Apple and Whole Foods combined with the love that only a small team can give. 

Part of running a small but growing business is knowing when to look outside for funding to fuel growth. Being a very small company, I really felt that we had a handle on growing organically and without any outside help. By the time I realized that we really did need outside investors to scale the brand, it was too late. We ran out of cash, our factories didn't want to work with us because we weren't giving them enough orders (and the prices they gave us kept getting higher and higher which prevented us from making bigger orders). #catch22

We've been talking with various investors for the past 9 months, but just haven't been able to secure the capital needed with the right partners. All of our investment leads have run dry except for one, but they're taking a long time to let us know if they're in or they're out. In the meantime, we've run out shoes to sell. However, the one thing that isn't lacking in is demand.

You guys really, really want Heyday!

While we wait to see if the investors come through and save the day, we're going to continue to release designs so when we're ready to relaunch, you guys are ready to part with your money ;). 

Option #1 is a collaboration with our friend @Steve-Shoesmith at Native Strength and Iron Supplements. NSAI is the only Native American owned supplement brand and they're kicking ass worldwide!

The tan nubuck Tactical Trainer 3.0 has Native American themed textile in the collar and tongue and an NSAI removable velcro patch. We would plan to donate a portion of profits to a charity supporting Native American kids with the guidance of @RealNativesOnly


Option #2 is a Tactical Trainer 3.0 with a military theme based on Vietnam war era Jungle boots with their signature black leather and olive drab mesh. A removable ribbon keychain in the style of the "Remove Before Flight" tags used on military aircraft, 2 black/white Heyday Punisher skull patches and a 2nd set of red laces round out the package,

Both designs are sick AF and received a ton of love on IG

We're still willing to make the Native in the future possibly as our next release. We chose the Jungle because we need a surefire home run right now and sometimes the one you want isn't necessarily the one that sells the best.

In any case, I wanted to fill you in on our current situation and thank you for 12 years of supporting Heyday Footwear. We've had some truly amazing times, met incredible customers, athletes, and vendors whom we are proud to call our friends. Heyday will live on in the hearts and on the feet of over 35,000 amazing customers worldwide. 

In addition to continuing to try to secure a few million dollars to scale the fuck out of Heyday, I'm also taking on select clients for footwear design and e-commerce consulting through my consulting business www.hager.design. Take a look at your favorite Heydays and all of my design work from Marvel Comics licensed action figures to tactical boots for Navy SEALS, to casual and performance sneakers for Puma, Sperry Top-Sider, and more.

Hager.Design Footwear Design Agency

Thank you!!!

Darin Hager - Heyday Footwear Founder

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