What type of training would you say you do? Do you like to incorporate lots of different intensity boosting principles such as supersets, giant sets and drop sets? Are you a fan of the progressive overload style of training? Are you all about the pump or do you love moving as much weight as humanly possible in the gym? When asked which style of training is the best, there is no one answer that will fit all. What works for some may not work for others and the only way to see what does work for you is to just give it a try and see what happens. With that said, we all know that the body needs to be stimulated for muscles to grow and the easiest way to provide yourself with that stimulus is by lifting heavy ass weights. Your body doesn't naturally want to do it so when you force it to, you also force growth which is what you're after. So in no particular order, here are 5 great reasons to lift as heavy as you can!

#1:  Mass

If you want to get huge and block out the sun every time you step foot outside, then you have to lift heavy. The basic compound movements such as the bench, squat and deadlift were designed to be used in conjunction with heavy weights and if you employ this to your own training, you will grow. Focus on moving as much weight as possible within a 4-6 rep range and the mass will come. The more muscles and body parts you can engage while doing so, the more overall size you will accrue.

#2:  Strength

It has always been my opinion that if you're going to look the part, you need to be the part and what I mean by that is if you're going to be huge, you should also be incredibly strong. It's always a letdown when you see enormous individuals who look like they can move mountains using what you would consider the weight you'd use as your second or third warm up set. Lifting heavy and always trying to lift more each week will ensure this never happens to you.

#3:  Test Your Might

One of the best reasons for lifting heavy and challenging yourself in this regard daily is because it tests your mental fortitude and willingness to subject yourself to this type of stress. Not everyone is capable of doing this and sustaining it week after week. Those that do are the baddest dudes walking around your gym. You can't expect to employ a heavy week into your program here and there and expect incredible results. You have to crush it on the daily for years on end to really see what your potential is.

#4:  It Strengthens Everything

As a by-product of producing insanely strong muscle groups, the added benefit to training heavy is that it also strengthens your tendons and ligaments, the density of your bones and skeletal structure, your centre of gravity and stability as well as your overall confidence. When you know you can move just about anything and lift heavy objects at a moment's notice, this is a very comforting feeling for you as well as others that know you. Your overall health is better when you're stronger and being weak is just as dangerous as many other health concerns out there.

#5:  You'll Need Great Support

Possibly the best reason of them all is that if you're going to employ the heavy duty approach to your training then of course you're going to need all the support your can get and it should always start at your base. Lace up a pair of Heyday Footwear's Tactical Trainers and you'll be feeling like anything is possible in the gym and you'll be setting PR's in record time. There are lots of different options for you here with the Tactical Trainers so if I were you I'd just buy them all and go from there.

You will have some people say that lifting heavy is dangerous and you know what they're right, it can be. But so can eating alone, riding your bike and shopping at the mall with your significant other. It all comes down to training heavy being a relative term. You know what's heavy for you so use this approach appropriately, stay safe and keep growing!

Author: Dana Bushell

AST Sports Science sponsored athlete/writer, sponsored by Schiek Sports Inc.

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