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4 ways to get noticed in the gym for your looks and knowledge

One thing that you'll see (or should see) on every motivated and successful bodybuilder whether they're a gym rat or pro athlete are flat soled sneakers. Zero drop soles keep you flat on your feet for optimum stability and power transfer. When you wear running sneakers with a foam midsole which is higher in the heel the the forefoot it's easy to be off balance and pitch forward during squats, lunges and deadlifts. Even better than just flat soles, are flat soles that aren't comprised of cushioned foam which will compress under loads when squatting with heavy weights. Heyday Footwear's new Super Shift sneaker's soles are completely flat, lightweight rubber that can't compress because there's no foam midsole. The cup sole is stitched on to the upper so that it will never delaminate.

Available in 4 breathtaking new Anaconda colors: Red, Blue, Green and Black, the latest Super Shift is now available to pre order with delivery in October.


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