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30 Shopify Owners (including Heyday Footwear) Reveal 30 Things They Wish They Knew Before They Started

“Do you remember how you felt the moment you first realized” : “Hey, I’m going to be opening an online store!”  Were you full of enthusiasm? excitement? nervousness?  everything in between?

What would you say to yourself now, all these days, months and years later?  Would you tell your past self to hold off? or would you encourage past you to keep pushing on? That’s something we wanted to find out, leading us at Shop Pulse to find established store owners and ask them: “What’s the one thing you wish you knew before starting your online store business?”

Darin Hager — Heyday Footwear

"The one thing I wished I’d known was how much data Shopify provides on the health of your store. It’s amazing having so much data at your fingertips, but I wish I had an expert to guide me through best practices to help me save time. My goal is to sell more amazing high top sneakers, not spend all my time tinkering with analytics. Overall though, I love the Shopify platform, my business is growing daily and I’m really happy with the support I’ve received."

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