3 Step Guide to Massive Arms

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3 Step Guide to Massive Arms

When someone asks you to make a muscle, they’re not asking you to roll out a lat spread or pump your pecs. They’re asking you to roll up your sleeve and hit a biceps pose. When you possess giant arms, this request is met almost instantaneously and of course with pleasure. If you’re lacking in the arm development area however, you may end up steering their attention to other body parts such as calves or abs to take the attention off what you need some serious work on. Although genetics play an integral role in just how big you can get your arms, there are a few strategies you can put in place for yourself to encourage some serious growth. Here then is your 3 step guide to building massive arms.

Step 1:  Utilize the High Frequency Model

The simple fact of the matter for your current lack of arm size, may just be that you’re not training them enough. If you have dedicated one day a week to training both biceps and triceps and you’re still not seeing any growth, maybe you need to hit them more often. There are some pros out there who will train either their biceps or triceps or both every single day at the end of a workout just to force new blood into that region. Along with this, they’ll have a dedicated day for just arms and on that day they’ll hit them hard and heavy with a ton of intensity. In order for the high frequency training model to work for you, you have to pay strict attention to how your arms are feeling and know when enough is enough.  High frequency training lends itself better to predetermined lengths of time (usually 3-5 weeks in duration) where you hit the target muscle group as often as possible prior to getting back into a regular type routine where the frequency is decreased. Give this a try and hopefully it provides the growth you’ve been in search of.

Step 2:  Focus on the Pump/Mind-Muscle Connection

Moving heavy weights is exhilarating and awesome all at the same time; for certain muscle groups. Unless you are genetically gifted in the arm department and anything you do will make them grow, slinging around heavy weights when doing biceps curls and skull crushers may do nothing for you in the way of muscular growth. Sure, your strength levels will increase, but that’s not always a sure sign of muscle growth. Often times what ends up happening is a significant amount of tendon and ligament pain, especially in the elbows and wrists, which can decrease your abilities to sufficiently train your arms. Rather than allowing for that to happen, back off on the weight, focus on really connecting with the movement of the muscle and making it feel the way you believe it should feel. As a result of this, you will experience great pumps as the focus will be taken away from simply moving the weight to making the target muscle move the weight which will generate tons of fresh new blood into the area which is what bodybuilding is all about. Training in this manner consistently should encourage new growth in the biceps and triceps and eliminate the possibilities of unwanted, overuse training induced injuries.

Step 3:  Work your Angles

Muscles enjoy being worked from all angles. It’s the basis of our biomechanical structure and movement patterns. Because of this, our muscular response to resistance training is best utilized when we attack the muscles from multiple perspectives. When you change the plane of motion of which you are asking a muscle to work in, it provides an entirely new stimulus for which the muscle must adapt, change and subsequently grow. So when you train biceps and triceps, look at using exercises from all sorts of different angles by changing the fulcrum in your set up. To do so, simply pay attention to where your elbows are stationed or where they move throughout the exercise. Once you recognize how much more emphasis you can place on the working biceps or triceps when you change the fulcrum, a better mind to muscle connection can be established, a better pump can be achieved and then ultimately new growth will occur.

So the next time someone asks you to flex, know that you’ve put in the work, be confident and throw those massive arms up in the air. There will be no need to deter the onlooker from checking out your arms other than to point out your fresh new low top Missile Runner bodybuilding shoes from Heyday Footwear. In either event, they’ll be impressed by both and you’ll have done your job.

Author: Dana Bushell

AST Sports Science sponsored athlete/writer, sponsored by Schiek Sports Inc.

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