This article is for all of you out there who struggle week after week with building size on your calves. There are so many of you out there who won’t even wear shorts because of the lack of muscle you display on the back of your lower leg, that I feel like sharing this information is my way of doing something good for the world. When it comes to training the calves, you have to try anything and everything to get any type of growth if you aren’t already genetically predisposed to great calf development. It frustrates people to no end when those who have huge calves tell them that they barely train them at all and a few sets here and there is enough. Well that just doesn’t cut it for lots of people and my suggestion is that you keep banging away with the tried and true calf building exercises but then throw these two strategies into the mix and watch what happens.

Isometric Holds while at Work

Often times the people who do have substantial calf development have jobs that usually require lots of physical labor or at the very least walk around for the majority of the day. This constant movement stimulates the calves sometimes just enough to keep the gains rolling in when coupled with weekly training. For those of you who have desk jobs, don’t have this luxury but what you do have is the luxury of being able to perform seated calf raises with isometric holds all day long while you sit at your desk. I know this may sound crazy, but I’m not kidding. While I was a student, I hated having to sit down at a desk for any length of time, so what I started doing was seated calf raises all through my classes. Guess what? It worked! My calves responded and are now close to 20 inches. Of course I also trained them in the gym but this added pump every single day definitely helped.

Go For Walks on the Beach

It is said that one of the all-time greats in bodybuilding history with possibly the best legs ever used to do this all of the time on the beaches of California. By taking a walk in the deep sand, you are able to get a nice full stretch in the calves along with a nice hard contraction as you try to propel yourself up and out of the hole you dug in the sand with your feet. This is no joke, it’s a hard thing to do especially if you are concentrating on making it as difficult as possible. Throw in the instability that comes along with walking in deep sand and you have yourself one hell of a workout. This has actually become a regular part of my calf training for many years as when on vacation, I have very limited access to equipment so I have chosen this as my go to option for calf training.

If growing your calves is a priority, then you have to be willing to try everything at your disposal no matter how ridiculous it may sound. And if you are going to make calf training a priority at this level and make use of your time all day long, you better start making your Super Shifts a regular part of your outfit whether you’re off to the beach or suiting up for your business meetings at the office.

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Written by Dana Bushell

Dana Bushell (BAHK, BEd) has been actively involved in the bodybuilding and fitness industry for over 17 years. As a former provincial level bodybuilder, Dana has taken his knowledge of training and nutrition and has applied that to his contest prep coaching and teaching of strength and conditioning principles. Dana works as a high school Physical Education teacher and is sponsored by AST Sports Science and Schiek Sports Inc.

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